Desinfecterend Handalcohol 500ml

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    Self-drying hydro-alcoholic solution for skin and hands
    Hydroalcoholic self-drying solution for disinfection of healthy skin and hands.
    Specifically designed to ensure hand sanitization of personnel.
    - 70% Alcohol / Ethanol
    The Bilper formulation contains a mixture of skin bactericidal agents that ensure hygienic cleaning of the hands without water. Thanks to its fungicidal and bactericidal action, it prevents possible infections and / or infections. Always carry it with you and keep your hands disinfected at all times and in any place.
    Protect yourself and others against the risk of infection. Use this hand alcohol as a remedy for bacteria / viruses. Professional disinfection gel for hygienic hand disinfection in healthcare, food industry, cosmetic industry and laboratories.
    Use approximately 3ml undiluted on clean and dry hands, rub in carefully for 30 seconds. Also rub the fingertips, thumbs, between the fingers and wrists. Follow the instructions on the package. For external use only.
    Producer: Bilper Professional (Spain)
    Packaging: 500ml